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Сost of services

House (regular) cleaning

House (regular) cleaning:

Vacuum/Mop, Empty trash, Dust/hand wipe surface


Clean outside of refrigerator (inside upon request)

Clean inside of microwave

Clean cook top/stove surfaces

Wipe down all appliances (polish stainless)

Wipe down & disinfect countertops/sinks/backsplash


Clean bathtubs, showers, sinks

Toilets, Clean mirrors


Clean all baseboards/door frames (upon request)

Make beds with clean sheets (upon request)

Living Area:

Wash baseboards/door frames (upon request)

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning

initial cleaning service before regular cleaning one time

service (spring cleaning, pre holiday cleaning)

Wash baseboards /door / door frames

Clean inside oven

Clean inside of refrigerator

Move out / Move in

Move out / Move in

deep cleaning inside of all of your cabinets

Carpet Cleaning (upon request)

Office cleaning

Office cleaning








Our cleaning services from the European experts of Bubble cleaning include:

Is house cleaning a chore for you? It’s solved easily with the help of Bubble cleaning service We provide a full range of cleaning services for individuals and entrepreneurs in the Seattle area.

Advantages of Bubble cleaning service

  1. We appreciate our customers and offer the cleaning at a convenient time for you, with maximum accuracy and efficiency. We are FLEXIBLE and can PERSONALIZE the cleaning of your home.
  2. Reduce your costs by individual approach and reasonable prices, can make a discount.
  3. We use new equipment, materials and technologies to keep your property intact. We have a large selection of various staff and supplies for cleaning without causing damage to the property of the client. We love your house as your own. Carefully we treat all things dear to you.
  4. Our team is HONEST and you can TRUST us your house.
  5. The company «Bubble cleaning service» appreciates and understands customers. Nice to know that we save your personal time for your family , and they do not have to after a hard day take on a sponge to wash the stove or sink , to remove dirt from tiles or wash the floor.

  6. REFERENCES are available.
  7. Our team is English-speaking.

No job too big or small. Enjoy with Bubble cleaning service!

You can schedule cleaning on a regular basis at a time that is convenient for you:
  • weekly;
  • by weekly;
  • monthly;

Regular cleaning

Regular maid cleaning service includes all basic services to maintain comfort in your home– dusting of surfaces;

  • polishing the furniture;
  • cleaning bathrooms and mirrors;
  • wiping baseboards;
  • vacuuming
  • mopping floor;
  • degreasing and cleaning kitchen cabinets surfaces and appliances like microwave oven, electric kettle, etc;
  • washing front surface of the refrigerator;
  • cleaning sinks in the kitchen and bathroom;
  • cleaning and disinfection of bathes, showers, toilet bowls, etc.;
  • cleaning and polishing faucets and other metal textures;

Deep cleaning

Our deep house cleaning service is recommended to the first time for those customers who plan begin a regular cleaning schedule.

Where do we start cleaning?

This question is asked a lot, but intelligible decision still has not been found. Especially if you, for whatever reasons, have forgotten how to look house cleaned, the only phrase "deep-cleaning" many owners can enter into a state of panic. The modern world is making the lives of women in their adjustments, and the role of housewife is increasingly rare. Many women as men involved in business, and it takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, the deep cleaning of the houses is constantly postponed indefinitely, and soon becomes impossible at all.

Company Bubble cleaning service is always ready to help you. Cleaning houses is the main sphere of our activity. There is no inaccessible places under the bed or closet, which would not have been able to get our professionals will not be a barrier to restore cleanliness'. Work will be performed taking into account your needs, planning, from the top floor to the bottom that will not cause any trouble for the owner. Since deep cleaning is sufficient energy-intensive and require a hassle, we recommend to carry out this procedure several times during the year.

What is included in the list of services?

Rooms: vacuuming ; Surface cleaning and wiping the furniture ; cleaning windowsills , dust batteries; cleaning surfaces of doors , frames and jambs ; washing glass and mirror surfaces ; polishing furniture ; dust on all interior and household appliances; mopping floors; garbage removal and replacement of garbage bags ; Remove dust and dirt from the walls.

Bathroom: rub the entire plumbing disinfectants ; Remove dirt from the tiles ; wash tubs and showers ; floor cleaning.

Kitchen : cleaning work surfaces and appliances ; furniture cleaning of dirt and dust shelves ; the clean sink and disinfection of the shells ; inside and outside of the refrigerator and the oven.


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